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All booking must be made in advance by phone or email.

Your voucher is not extendable and must be used before the expiry date. Voucher number must be quoted to confirm your experience. Your zorbing is not confirmed until you have received an email booking or phone confirmation. In receipt of your confirmation you must check that all the details are correct as amendment may not be possible at a later date. At the time of booking you will have to confirm whether you wish to partake in a hydro or harness ride.

In the event that your chosen time slot is fully booked an alternative time or date will be offered to you. Planet Zorb reserve the right to cancel your booking without prior notice. In the event of a cancellation on our behalf an alternative date or full refund will be offered.

7 days notice will be required if a change of date is requested by the client, if this is not given the riders will forfeit there ride. Riders must adhere to all rules and regulations at our venue on the day of their event. Riders must remain courteous to staff at all times, failure to do so may lead to you being asked to leave the venue without refund.

Restrictions apply for both the hydro ride and harness ride which can be found below. Planet Zorb will assess height and weight restrictions on the day of the ride and reserve the right to refuse a rider. Planet Zorb’s judgement is final. Your voucher and emailed confirmation must be presented on the day of your experience, one voucher will admit up to 1 person to your chosen ride (hydro or harness).

Riders that fail to turn up on the day of their event will forfeit there ride and no refund will be given.

The customers cannot participate in a Planet Zorb event if they are:
-Unable to produce a valid Planet Zorb email confirmation together with a valid voucher number.
-Under 7 years old for the hydro zorb ride (Parental consent is required up to the age of 18)
-Under 11 years old or under 4.50ft in height for the harness ride ( parental consent is required up to the age of 18)
-Exceed 95kg for one person. Height and weight will be checked on the day of the ride, Planet Zorb’s judgement is final.
-Suffering from high blood pressure or heart conditions.
-Suffering from epilepsy.
-Under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you suffer from any other conditions and are in doubt of your participation please contact Planet Zorb for further information.
All participants are required to sign a waiver, false information could affect the safety and security of the staff and customers and invalidate the insurance.


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