Planet Zorb

adventure activities

Walks for the whole family & ideas

Parking at the zorb centre and walk through the woods DSC00078

DSC00050to reach the most impressive nature reserves managed by The Wildlife Trust & ourselves. You can plan your route from the top of the site with a view of some of the biggest mountains in Wales with several footpaths suitable for all abilities. Free refreshments with any map for the half day walk available at any two locations along the way plus lots of extra fun stuff such as adventure play ground & an award winning Garden Design owned by Toby and Stephanie Hickish who are always happy to give advice or talk to keen gardeners.

Our location is ideal for the whole family. Go for an underground adventure, scale a waterfall or abseil your way down to the deepest point in Snowdonia! Experience the sights, sounds and smells of a real working farm including pony rides and a chance to meet and feed the farm animals. You could also try Windsurfing & kayaking taster session or Scale the highest mountain in Wales in comfort by letting the train take the strain, way

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