Planet Zorb

adventure activities


Combi Zorbing – The complete Zorbing Experience!

Enjoy both Harness and Hydro Zorbing for: 2 people harnessed opposite each other, revolving head over heels.
Hydro Zorbing: 2 people, no harnesses and 20 litres of water, slipping and sliding, feeling immense speed. No dizziness just clean good fun!

£60 for 2 people

Harness Zorbing Ride

The original Zorbing experience, with two riders harnessed in opposite each other for their head over heels ex-hill-erating ride! Prepare to laugh (and maybe scream!) your way down our run longest course.

£47 for 2 people

Solo Hydro Ride

1 person Up for grabs, win a t-shirt with our heroes challenge. Become a hero, take on the solo hydro challenge. Run all the way inside, from the top of the hill to the bottom and win a free t-shirt!

£20 each

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